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Quality Assurance

As a school we have an ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest level of teaching and learning for our pupils. As part of this process we revisit, review and amend a variety of Quality Assurance documents on an annual basis.

You can access any of the following documents by clicking on the images:

Improvement Plan 2014-15
Improvement Mini link

Progress Report 1st-2nd October 2014
QIV 10-14 image link

Assessment Improvement Plan 2013-14
Assessment Improvement Plan - word

Reading Improvement Plan 2013-14
Reading improvement plan

Self Evaluation Improvement Plan 2013-14
Self Evaluation improvement plan

Standards & Quality Reports
2012-2013              2013-2014——- 2014-2015
Standards and Quality 12-13  Standards and Quality 13-14Squip Link 2015

In addition to ongoing Quality Assurance the staff are engaged in exploring the curriculum and the way in which we deliver it, with a view of ensuring the highest standards of delivery and consistency in the pupil’s learning and teaching experiences and opportunities throughout the school. To this end the staff have opted into groups of their choosing to explore the way we present the curriculum to our pupils.

This year we have the following groups based on the needs identified in the School Improvement Plan:

  • Literacy (focus on Reading)
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Planning/AifL/Self Evaluation
  • The Learning Environment (indoors and outdoors)
  • Eco
  • School Events
  • Visiting Specialists
  • School Web Site