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Active Literacy

The Active Literacy programme was launched in North Lanarkshire in 2005.

Active Literacy is a scheme aimed at improving literacy among primary.

Pupils taking part are encouraged to learn through group work and greater classroom interaction.

A study, in collaboration with Dundee University, showed 93% of P3 pupils scored above average in literacy tests.

The figures showed the pupils taking part in the programme were 20% ahead of pupils not on the scheme, where 72% scored above average in the tests.

The six-year evaluation of the North Lanarkshire initiative involved 1,000 pupils.

Researchers looked at how pupils on the Active Literacy programme performed in reading tests and compared it with children in a control group.

Their progress and development was tracked right through primary school, with particular focus on their reading comprehension and their understanding of whole texts rather than just a chapter or a section of a book.

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For further information on the Active Literacy Scheme, a Power Point has been attached.

  Active Literacy Power Point
Active Literacy