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Useful Websites

This page intends to collect together websites which have proven both useful and fun in our quest to help the pupils of BPS learn, revise, consolidate and extend their learning experiences.

We also hope that by providing these links our pupils will continue to develop a love for, and continue to take ownership of, their learning.

In the sections below you will find links to a variety of useful websites. Please feel free to visit these sites by clicking on any of the images below. In previous years we had a BPS Weblinks blog which had a lot of great links – some of these are still active – still worth a look at the following address BPS WebLinks

Have fun learning!

Education City has a large range of lessons covering all levels and all topics. Children in the school have been allocated a user name and a password.


Maths is fun 2nnnEarly 1 level Mathsnnn2nd level MathsnnnMathantics



No Red Ink 1nnnEarly 1st level Literacynnn2nd level Literacynnn