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Aberdeen Early Years Strategy Group

 Action Plan 2014-2017
“In 2008 the Scottish Government published the Early Years Framework (EYF), with the objective of improving the life chances of children and young people, by encouraging partners to work together to provide ‘the best start in life’. The EYF aims to break negative cycles through early and effective support and intervention and recognises that to achieve these aims all relevant services have to work together to meet the needs of individual children. It encouraged partners to move their focus towards early support and intervention and prevention, and set out 10 elements of transformational change, to be realised over a 10-year time horizon, and covering the period from pre-birth to age 8.

This plan will outline proposed key actions that will be undertaken and overseen by the Early Years Strategy Group, ensuring Aberdeenshire’s children have the best start in life and their wellbeing is supported at the earliest stages.

The plans aims are based on the GIRFEC wellbeing indicators and the Curriculum for Excellence Four Capacities.”

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Early Years Strategy