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Meet Gordon

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Hello everyone

My name is Gordon and I’m Banchory Primary School’s new PLB super hero.

“PLB?” I hear you ask.

PLB stands for Positive Learning Behaviour, which will help us be the very best we can be here in BPS.

There’s a written explanation below for the time being, but my friends and I have been working on something different – we’ll share soon ūüôā

This positive system:

  • encourages and expects good behaviour
  • will make sure¬†our classrooms are
    • safe, positive places for everyone to learn and grow
      • both inside and outside

There are 5 parts to this system

1. Clear Expectations Рwe are all expected to know and follow the rules

—–Our School rules – the 4Bs:

  • Be Safe
  • Be respectful
  • Be all you can be
  • Be ready to learn

Those are cool because they help us look after ourselves and others.

2. Code of Conduct:

A code of conduct will be put in place

3. Good to be green scheme

Green behaviour¬†–¬†Yellow Behaviour¬†–¬†Red Behaviour

For every behaviour there will be Rewards and Consequences

This new system will also include:

4. Individual Behaviour plans and…

5. Tracking of Pupil behaviour

Click here to see Good to be green flowchart