School Vision

At Banchory Primary School we aim to be an exceptional and inclusive learning community where powerful learning is realised through high quality teaching.

We encourage and enable all learners to “EMBRACE LEARNING” through our colourful rainbow values which were created as a whole school community project.

Each year group, from Nursery through to P6, takes responsibility for the promotion of one value in particular, with the P7 pupils responsible for sharing all seven values. Our values are central to everything we do in school.

Through the sharing of high expectations for all learners and by encouraging a positive attitude towards challenge, we aim to create a learning environment in which successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals are then able to flourish.

Our school arms and motto were granted to Banchory Academy in 1955 by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Sir Thomas Innes of Learney. At that time Banchory Primary was a department of the Secondary School.

The figure on the badge is St. Ternan, the Patron Saint of Banchory. Around him are a holly leaf, representing Durris and the Horn of Leys, representing Crathes. These are two of our Local Education and Recreation Network areas North and South of the River Dee. The two open books signify learning.

The Latin motto “Ex Intellegentia Vires” means “From Understanding Comes Strength”.